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Digital X Ray from Sirona in the UK

Choose from Our Huge Range of Digital X-Ray Systems

The world is going digital, and so should your dental practice. Sident is a leading supplier of digital x-ray systems to the UK market, providing a range of products for all your requirements. Digital x-rays have numerous benefits over standard x-rays, so for more information and to order your own digital x-ray system, contact Sident today.

Sident – The Digital X-Ray Supplier of Choice

Sident is a leading supplier of digital x-ray systems to UK customers. With over 30 years in the business, at Sident we have perfected our service so that we can provide you with the most competitive prices, an extensive range of products, ongoing post-sale support and fully trained engineers to install your equipment.

Benefits of Digital X Ray Systems

There are a large number of benefits, both for you and your patients, when you choose digital x ray systems in your dental practice: Digital X-Ray Benefits for Your Practice

  • Images are produced in seconds saving you valuable time, speeding up workflow, increasing productivity and enabling you to detect problems quicker
  • Superior image quality from digital x rays enables you to see the details more clearly
  • Save money on developing fluid, water and storage
  • The digital x-ray units themselves take up less space in your practice
  • Choose from either a stand-alone configuration or a fully-integrated network

Digital XRay Benefits for Your Patients

  • Far less radiation exposure leading to safer treatment
  • Less waiting time making a trip to the dentist more convenient
  • The quicker process leads to a more comfortable experience

Wide Range of Digital X-Ray Products

At Sident we stock a large range of digital xray products to enable you to choose the right unit for your dental practice.

Panoramic X-Ray

With panoramic x-rays there is no need for film, processors or chemicals. There is also no time required for developing, mounting and record keeping. They also come with the option of a network connection so that you can see the images immediately on any PC which is connected. Some of our models such as the Galileos provide 3D technology leading to superior image quality.

Intraoral X-Ray

Intraoral digital x ray products offer the very latest in digital x-ray technology. Easy to operate, safe to use, robust so that they last a long time, flexible and with a superior image quality, these digital xray products will make life easier for both you and your patients.

For the best digital x-ray systems for your dental practice, choose Sident as your supplier. Contact us today for more information or to discuss an order.

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